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Wright Disability Firm : Meet Wyatt Wright

Meet Wyatt Wright

The following is based on an interview with attorney Wyatt Wright:

  1. In what states does Wright & Wright help people who have had their Social Security disability benefits wrongly denied?
    1. That is a great question. As an attorney I am licensed in five states plus the District of Columbia. But at Wright & Wright we handle cases in EVERY state, plus the territory of Puerto Rico. We are able to do this because our team of advocates is specially trained in Social Security federal law which means we are not limited to one geographical area. In fact, we regularly assist people all over this great country.
  1. What is your favorite part about running a nationwide premier Social Security disability advocacy firm?
    1. That's easy—the people. I get a sense of personal satisfaction every time I get word that we have won benefits for a claimant. I have seen the tragedy in the eyes of hard working people left on the sidelines from a disabling disease or injury. Life is short enough as it is and when you are disabled every problem in life just gets magnified. In short, this work is worthwhile to so many people.
  1. What hobbies do you have?
    1. Ok, don't laugh…but what I really enjoy doing is improving the efficiency of workflow. I find myself in the office most weekends trying to find ways to make our systems better, faster, and more successful for our claimants. Every little improvement adds to our success and to the happiness of people with our work. So, it is the kind of hobby that just keeps on giving back.
  1. Is there anything in your background that you feel makes you a better Social Security disability advocate?
    1. Without a doubt, yes! Prior to law school I was a police detective. Some may think that it is a depressing job, but I found it to be quite the opposite. A day didn't go by that I wasn't in awe at the sight of humanity in action. I saw the worst in some people, true. But I also saw the best in most people. In hard times, or suffering, or depression, or financial straits, the general theme was a constant desire to do better and improve one's position in life. Fighting for Social Security disability benefits is much the same. I get to see people overcome sadness without being told how to do it. This is truly the human spirit at its best.
  1. In addition to your firm, you are the host of a weekly radio show entitled Justice for All—The Wyatt Wright Show (www.WyattWrightShow.com). What is that show about and how does it interplay with your Social Security disability work?
    1. My show is one that strives to educate people about the dangers associated with the ever increasing disappearance of our American rights. The show follows my theme in life of helping others and leaving the world a better place than I found it. Preserving someone's rights to Social Security disability benefits is no different than preserving any other benefit that we as Americans ought to have access to. Stop by the show's website and let me know what you think!
  1. What differences do you see at Wright & Wright five years from now?
    1. Well, it is inevitable that we will be exponentially faster and better at what we do. Technology changes at such a rapid pace that the Social Security systems themselves are improving too. But our job is to always remain the leader of the pack. There are others out there, sure. But remaining the best is at the top of our "to do" list. My bucket of smiles constantly needs refilling. That means more people helped and more families with smiling faces.
  1. What advice can you give to someone suffering from a disability?
    1. Act quickly. The federal government moves slowly. It is crucial to get "in line" as early as possible. Next, make sure to research advocates carefully and pay attention to the claims they make. Many put their faith in hollow statements instead of real victories. Make sure your advocacy firm has nationwide real victories under its belt—hire the best.