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Social Security Lawyers/Professional Advocates

Social Security lawyers and professional advocates often serve as a lifeline for individuals who are unable to break through the many potential barriers to receive the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB), for which they may be eligible. These claims are often denied at first and proceeding through specific appeal steps, most will eventually require a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge before being approved. Therefore, many people attempting this process without a lawyer or advocate typically have trouble understanding how to cut through all of the red tape associated Social Security claims.

A disability attorney or professional advocate can walk you through the steps for filing a claim or assist in helping individuals who need support in these matters to understand the application process. In the event that a claim is denied, an experienced lawyer or advocate can also assist in navigating through the Request for Reconsideration process and help develop your claim with Social Security. Most often when a claim has been denied after reconsideration, many claimants are faced with taking the proper steps to submit a hearing request with SSA. At this stage an experienced attorney or advocate will assist in further in preparing your claim for presentation before an Administrative Law Judge.

Wright & Wright, America's Social Security Disability Firm™ is available to provide effective advocacy for those seeking professional support for filing a claim and working with you throughout the entire process. As one of the country's most highly regarded professional firms in this field, we are well versed in disability law and work with compassion to get successful outcomes for our clients. Click on one of the following items to view additional information about matters related to how a Social Security Disability attorney or advocate may be of assistance for one's needs.

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