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Wright Disability Firm : Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance

Unfortunately, many workers across the country become temporarily or permanently disabled each year and are left unable to perform the same physical tasks that they did before their injury. A significant number of these individuals are forced to deal with this type of issue several years prior to reaching retirement age. This can have a dramatic impact on their ability to support themselves and their family as well as on their emotional state. Government support is available for disabled workers in these circumstances.  Those who have worked and paid a certain amount of Social Security taxes up to the time period when they became disabled may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB).

Social Security Disability Insurance is a type of assistance provided in the form of monthly cash benefits for those who have generally worked a full-time job over the past five years and now have a disability that has left them unable to work for a full year or longer. Eligibility for these benefits may also make one eligible for receipt of Medicare benefits following a specified period of time.

The process of applying for SSD insurance benefits can be arduous for those unfamiliar with the steps required for successfully filing this type of claim. Wright & Wright, America’s Social Security Disability Firm™ can offer support for individuals who have become disabled and need assistance with:
  • Understanding eligibility requirements prior to filing a DIB or other type of Social Security claim
  • Understanding the process of filing for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits
  • Understanding the benefits of hiring an experienced Social Security Disability advocate when dealing with these matters
  • Getting answers to specific questions related to Social Security DIB
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